Improving the efficiency and experience of job fairs

Digitally transform your event into an experience your clients and attendees will love.

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Save valuable time

Your clients can instantly assess potential candidates on the spot through the scanner system. No more awkward fumbling around with paper resumes so recruiters can do what they do best: recruiting.

Powerful features for recruiters

For each job candidate they meet, a recruiter can review a digital resume, add notes for future reference, and sort candidates into custom lists (e.g. favorites). Be it during or after the conversation.

Unique data insights

You, as an event organizer, can easily access real-time reports with analytics helpful to evaluate or optimize your event.

Aftercare done right through data

After the job fair, recruiters can easily browse through all attendees they have met during the day, download their resumes, or export the candidates' details to a format suitable for their own business tools.

Environmental friendly

By implementing CV Scan, attendees no longer have to print out their resumé's nor do recruiters need to fumble around with large paper stacks.

Access Anywhere & Anytime

The platform remains online after the event. This way recruiters, attendees, and you as an organizer, can consult relevant data from the comfort of your own home or office.

Digital Resume

Think before you print! With the help of CV Scan, both candidates and companies no longer need to handle a large pile of paper documents. We provide every registered visitor with a unique badge linked to their digital profile containing the most recent and updated version of their resume and personal details.


Collect valuable data

As an organizer, you have access to detailed reports about the platform's usage, helping you to better understand and evaluate the performance of your event.

Plug & Play

Our platform is especially designed to be user centric and intuitive in use. Our digital scanner devices do not require any installation. Just plug it in a laptop and play.


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  • Plug & Play
  • Multilanguage (NL, EN, FR, DE)
  • Data Analytics
  • Export data
  • GDPR compliant
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